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  • Kanye reveals Drake sold his soul to the devil.
  • Kanye and Drake have not been in good terms for sometime now.
  • Drake is yet to respond to the allegations.

Rapper Kanye West has alleged that Drake sold his soul to the devil leading to their strained relationship.

According to Kanye, Drake’s dalliance with the dark world involves going against him.

The Vultures rapper made the sentiments during a podcast with his buddy Justin Laboy ‘The Download Podcast’ whose snippets have already gone viral.

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“It cuts Drake’s soul…it’s like he signed his soul to the devil to not to be cool with me to have like…this is his job to go against God and it cuts his soul” says Kanye partly.



Universal Music Group Behind Drake’s Success

Kanye further points out that Drake’s success is the work of the global music label, Universal Music Group through its Chief Executive Officer, Lucian Grainge.

He continues that Lucian is moneyed and controls some banks in Africa with Drake enjoying the moments.

“Drake baby is like, Drake has a rich baby daddy named Lucian and Universal. It’s like, you know, ‘my daddy got it’, my daddy controls the spins, my daddy got the DSPs, my daddy…Drake has a rich baby daddy named Lucian” adds Kanye.

Additionally, Kanye also revealed how he got on the Metro Boomin We Don’t Trust You album noting Future tapped him.

The plan was to completely ‘cut off’ Drake from the rap scene. Future received his first ever Diamond single ‘Life Is Good’ with Drake in 2020.

Their collaborations overtime are among the best-selling records ever from Future’s works.

Drake is yet to respond to Kanye’s allegations.

Both Kanye and Drake went against each other in 2021 when they both dropped albums at the same time.

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Kanye had gone out proclaiming that he would beat Drake in terms of the album sales.

However, Drake’s album, Certified Lover Boy outdid Kanye’s Donda album. Drake also debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard charts.

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