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Kanze Dena and Wambui Collymore lead Kenyans in Donating Chairs for Aswekra Initiative


State House Spokesperson Kanze Dena Mararo and the late Safaricom CEO’S WIFE Wambui Collymore have led Kenyans in making donations to a cause aimed at saving market women from chronic health risks.

While Wambui made her donation at the beginning of the campaign Dena made her donation of  over 100 chairs yesterday to the Majimamji Kenya Trust.

“That’s a great initiative. Keep me posted,” Wambui had stated while making her donations.

“I’ll still try to get pals to help in raising funds. It’s a good initiative,” Dena said.

The initiative dubbed End Aswekra is a project of the Majimaji kenya Trust aimed at helping market women get affordable and decent chairs while trading in the market.

Majimaji Kenya Trust Founder Majimaji Owino says giving the women chairs will further save the women from health risks like back aches and fungal infections.

“After a church service at Ngere St. Andrews church on 7th April, 2019, I sat attentively listening to a unique community of women in Ngere East at a small market in West Seme, Seme Sub County. When one woman stood to speak, she painfully narrated how they were hygienically and physically challenged… They call themselves ‘Aswekra’ to mean move on the ground while seated,” Majimaji explained.

The poor posture while seated is putting stress on their spine resulting to chronic back pain, tension headaches and difficulty in breathing posing a health risk.

And by extension increasing chances of food contamination if not washed or prepared properly.

“Therefore I’m kindly asking that we join hands and end the Aswekra Health risks by aiding them with plastic chairs to reduce the exposure to health risks and enhance their business environment,” appeals Majimaji.

Target is at least 2000 chairs for 2000 women… per Sub County. Our 1st target is Seme Sub County

To donate towards this cause, you can send your contribution to Mpesa Pay Bill Number 587884.