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Kanze Dena’s weight gain explained

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By Claret Adhiambo

State House spokesperson Kanze Dena stepped out today after a very long time off the camera.

Dena held a media briefing today at the Sagana State Lodge where President Uhuru is camping for a four day visit.

Notable to many hawk eyed Kenyans was her drastic weight increase.

But unknown to many the former Citizen TV Swahili news anchor just reported back from her maternity leave.

Dena’s former colleague and friend Syombua Osiany asked netizens to stop the many speculations on Dena saying that she will bounce back to her former self.

“Kanze Dena has just reported back to work after a maternity leave. Any human being who has gone to school will understand what happens and the possibility of gaining baby weight. She had the same weight after the birth of her son but bounced back. It’s breastfeeding time guys!!” tweeted Syombua.

Kanze Dena when she arrived for the media briefing at the Sagana State Lodge PHOTO/COURTESY

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