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Kariokor mechanics sound alarm against marauding thugs robbing clients

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Mechanics in Makaburini area in Kariokor have sounded an alarm over a gang of criminals in the area posing as mechanics and robbing clients.

Michael Otieno a mechanic in the area says that the suspected thugs who have invaded the area once accosted him and robbed him of his belongings.

Otieno says that the heavily armed thugs robbed of him phones and cash and threatened to kill him if he sounded an alarm.

“They came armed with weapons, broke my arms and robbed me of money and phones and warned me against telling anyone,” says Otieno.

“We have reported the incident to the police but the group has a lawyer who helps them with such cases and helps them get away,” he says.

He says that the suspected thugs also encroach the cemetery and start causing commotion and chaos during burial ceremonies.


They are also appealing to the leaders of the mechanics community in the area to take up the matter and ensure that security is restored.

“These criminals have cost us our business. We have lost clients because of these thugs. Some of us have even been victimized, harassed and arrested because of these criminals,” he says.

Diborah says that their efforts to reach out to the relevant authorities have been futile.



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