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‘Kartelo was Never our Employee’ Ebru TV issues Statement

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Ebru Tv has refuted claims by comedian Chipukeezy that he quit the station after they Terminated Kartelo’s contract for being too ghetto.

According to the comedian who quit the station earlier this week the fallout was as a result of Kartelo’s Ghetto-ness which the station found was ruining the show.

In a statement on twitter, Ebru Tv denied the claims by both Kartelo and Chipukeezy revealing that it was their right to fire Kartelo after failing to deliver on a deal they had signed.

According to Ebru Tv, the upcoming comedian from Kayole was not their employee and was only a permanent feature on The Chipukeezy Show due to an honorary agreement made with Chipukeezy.

The media house now says Kartelo was commissioned to shoot a number of campaign videos for the ongoing census exercise that he was required to promote on his personal social media platforms but did not deliver accordingly.

“We wish to clarify the issues that have been in the public eye. Chipukeezy has been part of the Ebru family for over a year and a half even though this has not been an easy relationship. As part of the census campaign we asked our in-house influencers to push the census campaign for us on social media. We gave him the videos to post on social media pages this was not done to our satisfaction, Please note that as of August 23, 2019 we did not have any issues with The Chipukeezy Show and was to go on as normal. Ebru did not terminate Kartelo for what Chipukeezy claims as ‘ghetto-ness’ but we no longer wanted to work with him.” read part of the statement

Chipukeezy ended his contract with Ebru following the fallout and shifted his show to Youtube where it premiered a year ago.



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