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Karua asks Uhuru and Ruto to resign over public feud


NARC Kenya Party Leader Martha Karua has asked President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto to resign following their public feud.

Karua says that the ongoing feud between Ruto and Uhuru is disrupting their capacity to carry out their respective duties.

According to Karua, the two need to find an appropriate way of resolving their conflict for the sake of the nation.

 “By bringing their wars to the public arena they both disrespect us as voters and as leaders. They must look for a way to have minimum conditions for working together and if they find it unattainable then the government should resign and we get new leadership. So long as they continue to carry the flag of the presidency, they must in their public conduct and utterances honor the offices they hold and respect Kenyans. It is total disrespect to have that sort of exchange,” Karua said on Citizen TV’s News Night show yester night.

Her move sparked a debate that she might soon be revealed as Odinga’s running mate owing to the fact that she has remained silent on whether she will pursue Kirinyaga’s governor seat or a national seat in the August General Elections.


The Narc Kenya Party Leader however told show host Waihiga Mwaura that she is qualified enough to serve the people of Kenya at both the county and national levels.

“I will continue playing both a local and national role and right from the time I was elected MP I have always played both a local and national role,” she explained.

While stating that DP Ruto never courted her for a partnership, she said that Mudavadi and Wetangula were entitled to join DP Ruto and that people should come to terms with it.

“It was a loss for both OKA and them. They are however entitled to make their choices and we must respect that,” she added.

Karua similarly concluded that the new OKA alliance was open to forming coalitions with other individuals whose interests align with their own.

“I am a leader of a national party. I must lead my party to look for like-minded individuals so that we too can be at the table. As an individual I have my interests so it is possible to play a dual role,” she stated.

By Brian Atsali