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Karua, Gachagua Differ Sharply On How To Fight Corruption


Kenya Kwanza Running Mate Rigathi Gachagua and his Azimio La Umoja Counterpart on Tuesday differed sharply on the modes they will use to fight corruption.

Gachagua in his own words stated that the corruption that needed to be dealt with was State Capture where people in power are competing with scarce resources with citizens.

In his submissions, he stated that the Kenya Kwanza Government will form a commission of inquiry to look into state capture.

“There will be a commission because the real corruption we are supposed to deal with is state capture, and conflict of interest not what Hon. Martha Karua is talking about. Where the people in power have used their offices to usurp public resources to your advantage,” said Gachagua.

“’In terms of fighting corruption, our plan is to allow institutions that fight graft to be independent by giving them freedom and financial autonomy, so that they receive instructions from nobody,” he further said.

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Karua however differed with Gachagua stating that fighting to corruption does not need a commission of inquiry.

According to Karua, the formation of an inquiry was Kenya Kwanza team’s way of escaping the corruption menace.

“Corruption cartels have strangled the country. This is not about family or individuals, it’s about cartels – organized individuals. You don’t need a commission to punish crime, all you need is the law,” she said.

“Corruption cartels have strangled the country. Mr Gachagua’s principal is captured on tape saying that he doesn’t think corruption can stop a nation from developing. If the cartels take Sh2 billion a day, what can that money do?” she posed.


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