Karura residents bring down wall built on public land

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Residents   of Karura Gigiri  were on Tuesday forced to demolish a wall surrounding 1.5 acre land situated opposite KTTC  saying the land has been grabbed by a private developer belonging to Scorpion Group Limited.

According to the residents,  Nairobi governor Mike Sonko reclaimed the same land then it was later subdivided three times with only an eighth of the land going to the fire station the rest was then  ‘sold’ to the developer.

‘‘Karura residents do not have a play ground or even a social hall  we are suffering in the villages yet  our political leaders at city hall are busy  dishing out public lands to the private developers, we shall not allow this …na ifikie Sonko [Let it reach Sonko]’’  said one of the resident.

The land which is valued  at Ksh. 1 billion was meant to build fire station  that would serve  slums of Githongoro and deep Sea  that are prone to fires.

Westlands Member of Parliament  Timothy Wanyonyi vowed to fight land cartels and grabbers.

Wanyonyi has stated that all buildings and structures built on  public lands will be demolished without mercy.

‘‘This a  warning  to all grabbers in Westlands,  we shall not spare any building , I will mobilize wananchi and we shall demolish them promptly.’’ Wanyonyi  reiterated.

He also accused Nairobi governor Mike Sonko for not fighting impunity and doing it selectively.

According to him some top  city hall officials have gone a ahead to talk pick bribes from the  private developer  for him to continue developing the area.