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Kasabuni Residents In Two Week Darkness, Fault Kenya Power


Kasabuni residents  in Babadogo Ward Ruaraka constituency  are now faulting Kenya Power for not addressing the power issue in the area after the company disconnected them from power a fortnight ago.

According to David Otieno who is one of the affected residents  not all of them are using illegal power and that the move to disconnect the whole estate is ill-advised.

‘‘We are worried ………its is now two weeks with no power yet some of us  have meters and tokens and we pay for them and we don’t know  which criteria tha Kenya Power used to disconnect the estate’’ Otieno said.

They have called on Kenya Power to move with speed and recconnect genuine power users saying that they are being forced to close their businesses as early as 7pm.

‘’We can’t go beyond 7pm because of insecurity of this  place,and this has really affected our businesses.’’ Otieno said.

Kenya Power continues with purge on illegal connections  terming them  economical crime that must be dealt with.