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Kasarani Woman Breaks Down Amid Interview After NYS Slashes Her Mboga – AUDIO


A section of farmers in Gituamba area in Kasarani are a distressed lot after National Youth Service Officers slashed their vegetables without notice.

The farmers claim that they have been farming on the specific for decades after it was issued to them by the late President Daniel Arap Moi.

Mary Moraa one of the affected farmers broke down during an interview with Ghetto Radio News saying that they have been earning their daily bread from the slashed saga, terere, kunde and managu.

“Trouble started when we started hearing rumours that the government was going to reclaim the land, but there was no formal communication, until today when NYS descended on our vegetables with slashers and pangas,” she stated.

“We have been tiulling this land for decades now. The revenue we got from the vegetables is what we have used to pay our children’s school fees and even our rent. What do they want us to do now? ” cried Moraa.

Moraa claims that she has been unable to pay her rent since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic and that the slashing of her vegetables will only make things worse for her.

“I have not paid rent for three months because of the pandemic. I was counting on the mboga to get something to clear my rent arrears. Why did they evict us like animals? Why didn’t they just tell us to leave quietly and on time?” distraught Moraa cried.

She is calling on President Uhuru Kenyatta to quickly intervene and help them.