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  • They have asked  for privacy for the sake of their children
  • The couple says they separated a while back

Celebrated celebrity Couple Kate actress and director Phil have announced via a joint statement that their marriage is over and that the couple has  separated for a while now,

”We came to a conclusion to end our marriage a long while ago and are separated. We sincerely request everyone to honor our wishes for privacy for us and our children”  Read  a statement shared via the actress’s Instagram account

The couple on their wedding day (Photo courtesy)


Re posting the actresses post Phil says ,they remain good friends even after the separation,

”hii ni mambo ya watu wawili,but allow us to add you to the group chat kidogo, so we can proceed with our lives bila story mob, Kate actress and I remain as friends, co-parents and business partner. ”

Online ‘In laws’ suspected their marriage was over.

A while back, their marriage came under scrutiny, with rumors and speculations about the state of their relationship making rounds on social media.

The conversations online started when Kate deleted all photos of her husband on her social media pages.

”Online in laws”  began to question the move with some claiming there was indeed trouble in Paradise immediately began .

The couple at the time remained mum ,with non addressing the rumors at the time.

Kenyans react to the couples divorce

The news have drawn mixed reactions from their  ”Online in-laws”  as captured below

”My phil if you need a shoulder to lean on I will be there”

Kama Kate Actress na Phil Karanja wameachana then no one will ever convince me there is a perfect marriage out there. Wacha nikae venye niko tu”

”The once blossoming marriage between one Kate Actress and Director Phil has come to an abrupt end. They have officiated their divorce. ”

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