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Kate Actress warns society against accepting early pregnancies


Actress Catherine Kamau Karanja popularly known as Kate actress has come out to caution society against telling young girls it’s okay to get pregnant.

The actress narrated how some girls think it’s okay to be pregnant because those they look up to made it despite early pregnancies.

She went on to say that life changes once one has a baby and also warned ladies against getting pregnant to trap a man.

“Can we stop telling young girls …it’s okay when they fall pregnant? Because it’s not! And it’s going to extremely hard. Just because the person you look up to made it doesn’t mean you will, we are different and we come from different backgrounds. Think about your parents who are scarifying everything for you. If you are already there, please learn from it and rest assured life will never be the same. It’s not about you anymore, that’s baby is your life now. If you are thinking about getting pregnant to keep a man who will disgrace you (I promise you) he will in a few months, please my dear Don’t. Please wait. It’s a beautiful thing when you just wait a little. Secure your future young queen. Aki sikizeni tu” said Kate Actress.

She also narrated how the issue of teenage pregnancies breaks her heart revealing that some young ladies have been reaching out to her seeking advice.

“This Teenage / Early pregnancy epidemic just breaks my heart… They have so many people to learn from, so much information, The DMs and messages just make me angry sometimes. What is to be done? Haven’t we told our stories enough! Do you agree with my post this morning . THE NARRATIVE HAS TO CHANGE ! ITS NOT OKAY YOUNG QUEEN! WAIT!!” she added

The popular actress once revealed that she got pregnant at 19 in her first year in campus.

The actress said that she had barely known her way around campus when she got pregnant and that she did not even know about contraceptives at the time.

Having grown up with a strict mum, Kate admited that her time in campus was her first alone and she set out to explore life.

“I had just joined campus in Uganda I grew up with my very strict mum. This was my first time alone, first time away, exploring. Aki hata sikumaliza 2 months nikajazwo!” she said at the time