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Kathy Kiuna Daughter Blasted For Dressing Skimpily While Abroad (Pics)


stephanie_kiunaReverend Allan and Kathy Kiuna’s daughter Stephanie has been on the receiving end for her choice of dress. The lass stole the attention of many ever since she became a public figure,many adoring her beauty and carefree life.

Same people who ceremoniously praised her beauty are now criticizing her dress code and dragging her parents into it!!

Apparently,the lass is in Australia for further studies. As expected she must (daughter of woman and man of God) be living on the first lane life not to say accessing all the finer thing life has to offer.

So what got a Facebook user by the name “Peter Spitter” so worked out and irritated is Stephanie’s latest photo whilst biking on her Speed bike in a skimpy little black dress.

“Allan Kiuna and Kathy of JCC, first preach to your lost daughter Stephanie before preaching to us……Must she show her “Big Tomatoes” to us?” Peter Spitter angrily quoted the.

Notably,late last year during the Halloween night,Stephanie stepped out looking like a cat whilst her white friend went for the “blood drinking demon” look. To us (old-fashioned Kenyans) that would be classified as satanic.

“Men and women of the cloth,what happened to your children?” seem to be the question clinging into the minds of the majority. “Spoilt” is an understatement.

Checke her out;stephanie_blasted-1(1)