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  • The Kayana Female MSME press conference held  to celebrate and honor women in businesses.
  • Through comprehensive training programs and strategic partnerships,Kayana amplifies the impact of women enterpreneurs ,driving innovation and economic empowerment.   
  • The public voting phase for the 2024 awards is now open.The winners are to be announced at a gala ceremony on June 15, 2024.

The Kayana Female MSME  held a press conference on 24th April  to celebrate and honor women in Small and Medium Enterprises(SMEs).

Esteemed speakers  shared their invaluable experiences and insights aimed at empowering women entrepreneurs.

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Insights from speakers

During the press conference, Patricia Okelo, Co-Founder of Kayana Create, emphasized the critical role of ensuring businesses are investor-ready before seeking funding.

She stated, “Access to funding is often hindered when the quality of the business isn’t prepared to receive it.” Okelo stressed the importance of viability and the investment in the entrepreneur themselves to foster business growth.

Additionally, she highlighted the support provided by Kayana awards in recognizing and spotlighting women entrepreneurs.

Victor Otieno, Managing Director of Viffa Consult, highlighted the scarcity of storytelling opportunities for women entrepreneurs, noting that 95% of small businesses are micro-businesses, making it a lonely journey for many.

He remarked, “There is a hunger for storytelling, yet many women don’t get that opportunity.” Otieno shared how this drove a surge in applications for the awards, with submissions coming from all over the country.

Experienced judges meticulously reviewed video applications to identify individuals whose stories inspired and encouraged others.

Emma Omany, Founder of Busu Naturals and a previous award recipient, spoke about the significant impact of the award on her confidence and business growth.

“The award boosted my confidence and opened doors to new opportunities,” she said.

Omany highlighted how the award facilitated exposure to funding facilities and capacity-building programs, including a training program in Switzerland, which enhanced their business skills and enabled them to innovate and expand their product offerings.

The speakers’ insights underscored the importance of recognition, support, and capacity-building initiatives like the Kayana Female MSME Awards in empowering and enabling women entrepreneurs to succeed.

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Kayana Create

Kayana Create is a dynamic platform dedicated to empowering women entrepreneurs through a multifaceted approach.

At its core, Kayana Create fosters a sense of community, bringing together over 25,000 women through signature events like Candid Conversations and the Kenya Cottage Industry Expo.

These gatherings serve as invaluable opportunities for networking, collaboration, and mutual support within a rich ecosystem of camaraderie.

Moreover, it is committed to growing the capacity of women entrepreneurs as it offers comprehensive training programs such as Passport to Business.

Beyond education, the organization actively facilitates market access, equipping women with the tools and resources necessary to expand their businesses.

Additionally, Kayana Create serves as a vital conduit for collaboration, forging connections not only within its network of businesses but also with government initiatives.

It also works with entrepreneurial hubs, and other organizations dedicated to fostering business growth.

Through these partnerships, Kayana Create magnifies the impact of women entrepreneurs, driving innovation and economic empowerment across the region.

Kayana Create stands as an empowerment and opportunity in the entrepreneurial landscape.

The Kayana Female MSME Awards

The Kayana Female MSME Awards, initiated by Kayana Create, aims to further empower women entrepreneurs. This is through providing them with support, resources, and recognition.

The Kayana Female MSME press confrence  held at CMS Africa on 24th April  to celebtate and honour women in Small and Medium Enterprises(SMEs). The women who make remarkable  contributions to Kenya’s economy.

The public voting phase for the 2024 awards is now open.

The winners are to be announced at a gala ceremony on June 15, 2024.

For more information about the awards and to cast your vote, visit Kayana’s website: https://www.org/msme-awards-2024.



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