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Kayole man dies while having sex


Police in Nairobi are investigating circumstances under which a 44-year- old man died while having sex with his 36- years-old girlfriend in Soweto, Kayole, Njiru Subcounty.

According to a police report, Miriam Wangare yesterday reported to Soweto Police station that her boyfriend Frederick Kyalo Mwilu paid her a visit where they stayed for an hour engaging in intimacy.

She further stated that while in the act, the boyfriend made a sharp sound and collapsed prompting her to seek help.

“It was reported by Miriam Wangare Githuka aged 36 years that at around 1100hrs in her rented house, she was visited by her boyfriend with whom they later engaged into sexual activity for an hour. In the process the boyfriend made a sharp sound and collapsed,” reads the police report.

Miriam was later assisted by a Taxi driver to escort the unconscious boyfriend to Mama Lucy Kibaki hospital.

The report states that upon arrival at the hospital, he was attended to by the medical personnel who pronounced him dead on arrival.

The officers on duty who visited the scene established that the deceased’s body had no visible injuries.

The body is still lying at the same facility awaiting autopsy.