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Kayole residents raise alarm over hospital dumpsite risking their lives

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Residents of Kayole’s Matopeni  near the DOD bridge,  have raised an alarm over a dumpsite that was recently erected in the area.

According to the residents who spoke to Ghetto Radio News, there are people who have been burning medical waste at the new dumpsite putting their lives at risk.

The residents who now live in fear of contracting respiratory diseases say the medical waste is brought from all over the city and burnt there.

They have also raised concern over the explosive sounds from the dumpsite that has made it difficult for them to even get a good night’s sleep.

They are now calling on the National Environmental Authority (NEMA) and other relevant bodies to act swiftly in order to save them from infections resulting from the toxic fumes.

Area chairperson Boniface Njoroge says the youth in the area had the idea of filling the deadly quarries in the area with cotton soil before a greedy developer turned them into a medical dumpsite.

“These quarries used to fill up with water and people used to drown and we suggested it should be filled with pure cotton soil. We benefited from it being closed but now the waste they are burning there is affecting our healths. You can’t even eat peacefully because this smoke chokes you. It’s like someone is burning pepper” he said

He adds that since the dumpsite began operation a few months back, residents have been complaining of untreatable colds and flu and they now fear the dumpsite is making them vulnerable to the deadly Covid-19


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