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Kayole Woman Appealing For Help To Buy Ksh. 400,000 Medicine


A woman from Nairobi’s Kayole area is appealing for Ksh 400,000 to enable her buy her daughter medicine to treat her Umblical Hernia.

Caroline Otinga says that doctors at the Kenyatta National Hospital told her that the medicine Alogand mesh which costs Ksh. 400,000 is the only one that can treat her daughter’s condition.

Otinga says that her 12 year old daughter Diana Makobe Atolo has been suffering from umblical Hernia for four years now.

“Diana has been ailing for four years and the problem stated with the umbilical cord. So we took her to the hospital and explained to the doctors what was happening, so the doctors told me that they needed to do a repair so that it won’t her anymore,” Otinga said.

Speaking to Ghetto Radio, Otinga says that after her daughter was treated, she began to complain of stomachaches for the second time.

“When Diana got to Class Two, her navel started to ache again. I started by giving her painkillers but it got worse and I had to rush her to the hospital (Kenyatta National Hospital) and she had to be operated on. The doctor’s report was that her appendix rot in the stomach and it was why she was in pain and we didn’t realize in the beginning,” added Otinga.

“Her appendix was inflamed and filled with pus, they removed 1.5m pus from the stomach. The first and second operations were successful and she was okay. But after two months her stomach begins to swell again,” she said.

The first and second operations offered a bit of a relief, the pain however came back after two months.


“Right now she’s been through four operations and we are still waiting for two more. I am so helpless and I don’t know where to begin from. The hospital says there’s a certain medicine she has to use but it’s not in Kenya.”

According to Otanga, the KNH has given a report that the medicine used to cure the illness is not here in Kenya and it is costly.

“KNH said there is no medicine at the moment, she would have been treated by now. The prescription; Alogand mesh is not here, we have looked for it and it costs Ksh.400,000. With the previous operations and medications, my pocket has dried up,” she said.

She is now appealing to well-wishers, family and friends to help her raise the amount since she has no money left.

“My daughter’s condition is worsening since she is not eating, I am humbly requesting you all to please come and help me, any amount will be appreciated,” she says.

You can send your contribution to Otinga on 0716541147 or the Paybill number below.

PAYBILL NO: 8026769

A/C NO          : DIANA ATOLO