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Kayole Woman Kills Baby In An Attempt To Exorcise Demons


kayole womanA woman in Nairobi’s Kayole area has been arrested after killing her six-month-old son allegedly while “casting out demons” during overnight prayers.

Irene Mbithe, a resident of Kanguruwe slum in Kayole, was reportedly praying for her son on Wednesday night and hours later she pulled out the child’s tongue.

According to the dead boy’s aunt, Catherine Muthama, who had been housing them for a week, Ms Mbithe started praying for her son saying he had been possessed by evil spirits.

The prayers went on for hours. Neighbours recounted how they heard Ms Mbithe shouting, “Pepo toka”, while throwing out household goods.

Hours later, the mother of one woke up Ms Muthama telling her that the demons wanted to take away her son.

According to Ms Muthama, Ms Mbithe was a member of a church in Machakos County where she had been living before coming to her house and had been warned of the consequences when she quit the church.

Neighbours who recounted how the prayers made them suspicious have blamed the horrifying incident on cult worship as the tongue of the six-month-old baby is yet to be located.