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Kayole’s Most Wanted Female Gangster Killed (PHOTOS)

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A few days ago the Eastlands robbinhood, Hessy Wa Kayole, warned them on the facebook page Dandora Love and Kayole my Kingdom.

Hessy Wa Kayole specifically called upon the thugs that sit and plot mischief around Nyando and Dominion area in Kayole.

This time round he didn’t spare the girls who are popularly known as “mikoba” girls who carry guns for their crime mates that indeed their days are numbered.

On Wednesday we woke up to the news that one of the  mules known as Cleah addy Vybz had been gunned down. The whereabouts of his thug boyfriend popularly known as Mwani are still unknown.

Cleah: Mwani’s wife was eliminated yestreday morning, sura ikachafuliwa kuchafuliwa: that’s a great achievement coz she refused to reform na akaendelea kubebea mzee wake bunduki,” posted Hessy on Facebook.

Cleah the sassy gangster girl who had it known to everyone that she was a gaza girl refused to heed to Hessy’s call and therefore was eliminated.

Although he doesn’t clearly state where the execution took place it is evident on Hessy’s posts that Cleah is no more.

The people of Kayole and Dandora are still praising Hessy for keeping their hood safe.

Although its not a smooth ride for Hessy because he is receiving threats on his inbox from other gaza girls who are baying for his blood.



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