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Kazi Mtaani Youth protest against lack of payment


A section of youths working under the Kazi Mtaani programme in Pangani on Monday held demonstrations to protest against lack of payment.

The youth claim that they have not been paid for more than two weeks which is against their agreement of weekly payment.

The youth camped at the chief’s office demanding an address over the matter.

Rukia Ibrahim one of the demonstrators told Ghetto Radio News that the lack of payments have plunged them into debts and rent arrears.

“I am a single mother and this job was supposed to help us and cushion us against the effects of Covid-19 but right now it is doing more harm to us,” she stated.

The past few weeks have seen a number of youths working in the Kazi Mtaani project hold protests over payment arrears.

The Kazi Mtaani Project was unveiled by President Uhuru Kenyatta to cushion Kenyans against the effects of Covid-19.