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KBS warns passengers of syringe on bus seats

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busThe Kenya Bus Company has alerted its clients over a new move by criminals to use syringe to drug their passengers and eventually steal from them.

KBS In a Social Media alert shared a picture of a syringe placed strategically on the seat of a bus to apparently drug a passenger.

“New crime alert in buses. Share with your friend. Look before you seat, please,” read the alert shared on social media.

The photo was first shared by Lee Elly in the Face Book page Matatu Galore.

It is however not immediately clear in which bus was the syringe placed.

Many Kenyans have reported cases of being drugged in buses and in other social joints and robbed of their valuable.

The syringe on the bus seats could be the new method criminals are using to steal from their victims after many people knew of the laced drinks using the famous mchele.


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