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KCB Bank Demands Apology from P-Unit members


The Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) has responded to allegations that they stole P-unit’s phrase ‘Weka Weka’ and used it as a campaign slogan.

P-Unit made up of Frasha, Gabu and Boneye had moved to court to bar the bank from using the phrase “Weka Weka” in their ongoing campaign.

In their complaint, P-unit argued  that the bank was going against the Copyright act by going public with a campaign that bears a name similar to their hit song “Weka Weka” dropped back in 2014.

KCB through its lawyer has denied the allegations saying the only similarity between P-Unit’s ‘Weka Weka’ and their campaign ‘Weka Weka na KCB M-pesa’ is the phrase, “Weka Weka”.

KCB argues that ‘Weka’ is simply a Swahili word that mean“to put” but in a bank environment it can be used to mean making bank deposit and there is no way the boy band can lay claim to the phrase.

“It is not an original that an artist can claim to have independently conceived since no one can claim custodianship of a language. Your Client cannot therefore ride on the phrase ‘Weka Weka’ for a claim of copyright infringement against KCB as the same is not copyrightable,” reads part of the KCB response

KCB has also demanded an apology from P-Unit for what they termed as ‘unfounded claims against the Bank’.