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KCPE Candidate Tells Deadbeat Dad To Go To Rehab


A KCPE candidate from Bridge of Hope Education Centre primary school school in Lindi, Kibra sub-county has hit out at his father for neglecting their family.

Speaking to Ghetto Radio News, Paul Odongo son of Antony Odongo says that his father has become one untouchable and unreachable man.

The 13 year old minor is on record that his alcoholic father has not been supporting their family for quite a long time and they have been forced to turn to their mother Mary Adhiambo who does not have a stable source of income.

”Our father always comes home drunk and angry at everyone from mum to us his kids.He even doesnt talk to anyone, he just throws things all over  behaving badly even before neighbours. He has even never paid my fees, i always see my mum struggle for us daily and when she’s has no money for our fees we’re forced to stay home,” NARRATES Odongo

“Sometimes even when my colleagues talk about their fathers positively it usually pains me because i have nothing positive to say about my dad. I think he should lower his alcohol consumption and be taken to rehab.” Narrates the fourth born in the family of six,” he continues.

The minor is however hopeful that he will perform well in the ongoing K.C.P.E exams  despite his family’s predicaments.

”I am putting my best foot forward and I believe with God’s grace i am expecting to get 300 marks or above so that i get someone to facilitate my secondary education. Any school for me would be better, i don’t choose schools, so long as i get an education,” said Paul Odongo.

According to Odongo’s mother, Mary Adhiambo; her husband has absconded his duties despite her numerous efforts to reach out to him.

”I have tried to convince Antony to even just help me take our children to school to the extent of going to his place of work but all has fallen on deaf ears. I have been to the chief but he even ignores the chief’s summons.”

Adhiambo reiterates that she has had to stomach embarrassing moments especially when Odongo comes home drunk and throws all sorts of abuses  to her in front of her six children .

”My husband does not respect our kids leave alone me, i receive lots of abuses even before my children. It hurts me more because my four sons now lack a father figure mentor especially being that they reside in a dangerous Kibra….Even if you moved on with another woman kindly help me school our children, i didn’t get them alone.” Says a depressed Adhiambo