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  • CS Machogu has announce to KCPE candidates to send their index number to 40054 to get their results.
  • Those who sat for KCPE exams were 1.4million candidates nationwide.
  • Today’s KCPE results release marks the end of 8-4-4 system for 39 years in education sector as said by PS Belio Kipsang.
  • He added that schools to reopen on January 8,2024

Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu has announced that for the KCPE candidates to get their results,they have to send their Index number followed by the word ‘KCPE’ to 40054 to get their results.

Speaking at Mtihani House in South C,Machogu urged candidates to collect their results from their respective examination centers.

”2023 KCPE examination candidates are urged to collect their results from their respective examination centers,”

”Individual candidate results can also be access by sending candidate number followed by the initial KCPE through a short message service to 40054.This service will be available immediately after the event.”He said.

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Summary of the 2023 KCPE Results

CS Machogu Lauds Australian Government For Supporting Kenyan Students - The  Mount Kenya Times
Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu :Photo Courtesy

Machogu also breakdown the summary of the 2023 KCPE results noting that there is a difference in score as compare to 2022 results.

”The summary is as follows;400-500 marks (8,525 candidates) which is equivalent to 0.06%,300-390 marks(352,782 candidates ) equal to 24.92%,”

”200-299 marks(658,278 candidates) equal to 48.94%,100-199 marks(383,025 candidates) equal to 27.05% and 001-099 marks(2060 candidates) equal to 0.15%.”He concluded

Total number of candidates who sat for KCPE exams were 1.4 million.

Machogu also revealed that 9,354 candidates failed to take their exam but luckily they have organized a special exam for them in January 2024.

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Payment of KCPE examiners and markers

State prepares for El Nino ahead of exams - People Daily
PS Dr.Richard Belio Kipsang :Photo Courtesy

Furthermore, Basic Education Principal Secretary Belio Kipsang assured timely payment for KCPE examiners and vowed to ensure the same for KCSE markers.

”We have paid all our examiners of KCPE marking. We also want to assure my colleagues in KCSE that we shall ensure that they are paid within the time that is required of us to pay,”He said.

Belio also thanked teachers for co-creating students as they mark the end of 8-4-4 system in the last 39 years.

He added that schools to reopen on January 8,2024.





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