Whistling is the new fad in town thanks to the new internet sensation Priscilla Wa Imani.

And now comedian and content creator Eddie Butita has been caught up in it pitying dancehall singer KRG The Don.

Well, the funny man has chided KRG to keep to himself his Ugandan cash after the latter had promised to give him two million on behalf of the kenyan president, William Ruto.

In an earlier video, Butita whistles as he beckons to see the president for a two million token.

“(Whistling) William Ruto niite state house (whistling)unipee milioni mbili (whistling) William Ruto (whistling) ” Butita goes on the rampage

KRG The Don in his reply to Butita,he advices the comedian to desist from disturbing the president who has a busy schedule,source him for the two million token and free whistling lessons.

“(Whistling) Butita (whistling) Wacha kusumbua Rais,Rais apana girlfriend yako ati unamuitaita ivo kiholelaholela,Rais yuko busy anashughulikia majukumu ya Wakenya wote kwa jumla wewe ni mnyama mdogo sana kuja (whistling)kuja hapa (whistling)na ujifunze kupiga mbinja (whistling) kuja nitakupa hiyo milioni mbili kwa niaba ya Rais uwache kusumbua watu” scoffed KRG

The Singer might have chosen a wrong opponent as the comedian threw him off balance with his reply that suggested his brokenness to the low priced Ugandan shillings.

“Sijasema milioni mbili za Uganda 😂” replied Butita

Other social media users also joined the fray with funny comments.

😂😂😂😂Who cursed us” fired one fan

“Naona ku whistle imekuwa career siku hizi 😂👽inalipa” shot another fan

😂😂😂Butita wa imani ” flew another comment

“Nimepiga binja lakini krg huniskii!!!niko dizzy sasa ” appeared another comment

At the moment,the whistling craze has taken over the internet,a fortnight ago former Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho also took the Nairobi Governor Sakaja head on concerning his poor whistling skills.

On the other hand,the brains behind whistling, Priscilla Wa Imani continues to drown in endorsements as many make fun on her ‘funny’ whistling talent.

Has whistling become a Kenyan anthem?Drop a comment.

By Steve Osaka

February 14, 2023

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