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A number of Not For Profit Organizations in Kibra have come up with various ways of keeping school children busy during this long holiday.

The NGOs are mainly involving children in sports activities and other co-curricular activities in a bid to keep them off social vices like crime, drug abuse and early pregnancies.

One of the NGOs by the name Kibera Moira Mtaani has established a library, a sports center and a club where they empower the teenagers with different skills.

Vincent Kegode of Kibera Moira Mtaani says that the institutions also provides sexual education to both the girls and the boys.

“We have partnered with Banda School to provide some of these services. They give us some of these resources to help these children,” said Kegode.

According to Kegode the facility attends to approximately 350 children everyday from morning to evening.

“Over 350 children usually benefit from this organisation. We  have a library, sports center,  club for teenage girls, empowerment club and sexual education class and I want to say that any girl who will get pregnant during this holiday it will be because of her negligence since we teach them we give them sanitary pads  and now they are Christmas gifts, ” he concluded.

A few meters from Kibera Sport Mtaani there is another NGO known as Creakids Center an NGO that is also interested with the future of children.

The NGO trains children as from the age of five. Both football and computer studies.

David Ouma of Creakids says that the football turf is fitted with an artificial turf.

“At Creakids, we train children football from the age of five. Both boys and girls and those who know how to read and write we introduce them into computer classes.  We train over 350 children here,” said Ouma.

“As you can see we have a gate and within our compound no one is allowed to pass through that gate with any drug; and once you have entered you cannot get outside. This area has everything including toilets, the only thing that we don’t provide is food. We have been able to rehabilitate several children and we are still doing it.  Any child who is interested is welcomed and parents please take good care of children,” Said Ouma.

Kibera sub county is among few areas in the city that have a lot of NGO’s  that  adopted children during this two month holiday. Others including Shofco and CKF-AFRICA.

By Jeremick Joe


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