The World Economic Forum (WEF) has communicated it’s interest in an established Silicon hub in Kenya.

In Summary:

• The World Economic Forum has shown interest in Kenya as a hub for technological innovation.

• President William Ruto urges the World Economic Forum to empower the already existent Konza Technopolis.

• Konza Technopolis Development Authority is in conjuction with the Chinese government to aid in Kenya’s tech advancement.

This technology hub is set to help usher Kenya and its allies cross the threshold to living better lives in conjunction with new age technology.

President Ruto Addressing the president of W.E.F Børge Brende.

The President of the World Economic Forum, Børge Brende met President Ruto in Geneva and reportedly stated that Kenya is the “Silicon Valley of Africa.”

Konza Technopolis

During the meeting, President Ruto was quick to mention that Kenyan Nation already had a potential tech hub at Konza Technopolis and invited the World Economic Forum to join forces in making the project a state of the art tech hub.

The President of the World Economic Forum, Børge Brende

Konza Technopolis is a 5,000-acre technology hub that is located 64 kilometers south of Nairobi. Nicknamed the “Silicon Savannah” Konza Technopolis is expected to turn Kenya into Africa’s leading high-tech hub.

Konza Technopolis has been in communication with Chinese investors, in attempts to induct them into aiding in further developing the Konza Technopolis. The project is reportedly part of the milestones set in the development plan “Vision 2030”.

Konza Technopolis Under Construction.

This project will be Kenya’s tech hub for software development, data centers, communication centers like disaster recovery centers &call centers and also light weight assembling & manufacturing industries.

“Here at Konza Technopolis, we have many investment opportunities that can be taken up by Chinese investors who will enjoy incentives, such as tax reliefs, while operating under a one-stop shop because the Technopolis is a special economic zone,” said Anna Wafula, the Manager of business development and innovation of the Konza Technopolis Development Authority.

This tech hub will also feature affordable housing for residents working within the Technopolis as well as affordable housing for students within.

Inter-Company Relationships

The Ministry of Information, Communications and Digital Economy have made it clear that they are in conjuction with international companies to enhance better services for the industrialization and tech-infusion of services for the common mwananchi.

“We have already established the national data center in conjunction with Huawei, which is an important feature because it will enable the Kenyan government to digitize its services both at the national level and the county level.” said an official from the Ministry.

In conjunction with Huawei, the national data center was developed that will enhance data mining, learning for future tech solutions and a data base for Kenya National Identification.

W.E.F. 2024

The former Norwegian minister also extended an invitation to Ruto for the next World Economic Forum that is to be held in January 2024.

President William Ruto Addressing the President of W.E.F

The summit will also be focused on three core themes: enabling resilient growth, developing human capital and accelerating economic equity.

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