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Kenya Railways Retirees Protest Against Delayed Pensions


A section of Kenya Railways Retirees in Kisumu are protesting against a three month delay of their pension payment amounting to Sh. 210 Million.

The retirees claim that the scheme has also not paid over 7,500 retirees salary arrears that they had accrued when they were still working.

William Weda the Chairman of Kenya Railways Retiree Kisumu Chapter says that this has subjected them to depression that has resulted to the deaths of some.

“We have got a serious problem because we have not been paid for a period of three months. Countrywide we are 7,500 and none of us has been paid. They keep on postponing the payments. Currently most of us are sick some have lost their lives as a result of depression,” said Weda.


Weda adds that he has tried reaching out to those in authority unfortunately all has ended up in vain as he has not received any valid communication.

“I got an accident and I was not able to pay my hospital bills due to lack of cash.  We have tried reaching out to them everyday via phone but no valid response,” he added.

He said he was to be paid a total of Ksh. 87,000 from 2014 to July 2021 salary arrears with a monthly Ksh.17,500 pension.

Philip Otieno another retiree has also called on the Kenya Railways Retirees scheme to hand over the task they were assigned to undertake because they have failed.

“They are not able to pay us our dues as we elected them, it is our humble request, that if they are not able to do that the anti-corruption committee which was appointed by the government to come in and help us, “he added

Siaya County cries that they have lost many of fellows, some are not able to meet their basic needs.

“Most of our members are dying, some of them are unable to support their families,” he said.

The group are now calling on the relevant authorities to come in and help them get paid.

By Jacob Oluoch