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Kenyan Alexandra Ndolo Ranked 9th Fencer In The World Makes History


Alexandra Ndolo made history to become the 1st woman in Kenya to compete in a major fencing event. Not only did she do that but put Kenya on the map by beating 271 participants to the 10th place. She promises more to come for Kenya, seeing the flag raised high in the competition hall was a goosebumps moment. This was a great start into the season; more to come. Not known to many, Alexandra Ndolo is a champion fencer ranked 9th in the world. A silver medalist and a two time European championship medalist who has now chosen to represent her ancestral home, Kenya.

The Kenyan Connection

Alexandra is half Kenyan and Polish, born and raised in Germany to Kenyan father who passed on years back. A man she is very proud of and loved. Like other Kenyans abroad went to study and the rest is history. A brilliant Kenyan son, bore a brilliant patriotic champion who represents Kenya with pride. She gets goosebumps on seeing the Kenyan flag raised on the competitions. One of her posts on social media she reminisces about her father heartedly.

Today is one of the days of the year where I especially remember my father, Dr. Donald Ndolo. A Kenyan man. A highly intelligent man that came first to Poland to do his MA (in Polish, after only one school year of language course) and then his PhD in Germany. Among other things he spoke six languages fluently and was an awesome cook (friends used to invite themselves over for meals at our house). Taking sometime today to reminisce and honor his memory.
Kocham cię tatusiu ❤”

Developing Fencing in Kenya

Fencing is a combat semi contact sport involving weaponry that first featured in Olympic is 1896. Each time a fencer scores a touch, they receive a point.
Alexandra is also developing the sport locally in Kenya by equipping, coaching and mentoring those interested in the sport. On a local radio station she says in 2014 while still representing Germany, she started gathering a team in Nairobi that was interested in fencing. She then wondered how she can give back the knowledge and experience that she had gathered to her ancestral home. She says through fencing, she has managed to visit a lot of countries even though not from a rich background, met incredible people and gathered enough networks.
Alexandra runs a fencing program in Nairobi that has so far seen two young athletes get sponsorship from the World Fencing Federation. The two have already earned their Diplomas in the sport and transferring the knowledge as coaches in Kenya. The program now has a lot of kids and adults involved and loving the sport. She supports them with equipment and technical alongside a very supportive mother.


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