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This Kenyan Artist, With Asian Origin- Can Sing “Jambo Bwana” Better Than You.


jamboI stumbled upon Mani Productions Facebook account yesterday immediately i had finished with watching Auntie Jemimah’s (Wangari Nguri) wedding ‘mucenes’……now this Auntie Jemimah is another one, but story for another day.

So,i see Mani Production and the first thing i see is a “Jambo Bwana” cover video and am like,….”Gilad Millo” must be super insanely  in love with Kenya.

The video….oh the video. Nature, animals-a giraffe to be precise, Maasai’s jumping to the slow but addictive beat, and there goes a golden voice- not Gilad’s. I argue with my soul and listens again, not Gilad.

But wait, who is the other white man singing in pure Swahili other Gilad the former Israeli deputy ambassador to Kenya?

Mani. An audio designer/engineer, music producer and singer Mani Kollengode, a Kenyan citizen of Asian origin who can sing… the  Kenyan anthem better than you.

Mani has been there, but has always gone unnoticed due to his attachment to Asian music until he did the “Jambo Bwana” rendition not to mention the “Kenyan Anthem” rendition he did days before the 26 Rio Olympics.