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Kenyan artist becomes a boda boda rider

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By Magi Kadzo

Coast-based artist Dogo Richie has turned to boda boda business to cope with tough times brought about by COVID-19.

The artist has been ferrying passengers in Bamburi, Mombasa, as an alternative to feed his family.

“My boda boda business is going well for me… you have to work harder to get customers but my name (BinLADEN) gives me a good chance,” said Dogo.

The ‘naona raha’ singer says he is now thinking of composing a song for boda boda riders in the country.

Meanwhile his counterpart Susumila has encouraged musicians to be open and engage in other things ain order to sustain themselves.

“Inabidi tuwe wabunifu zaidi ili tuweze kubalance maisha ila si ivo wengi watakuwa na msongo wa mawazo mziki sasa ivi ni mchezo wa pata potea una ekeza lakini faida hamna manake hamna ata show ….ukipata unachopewa cha huzunisha ..” said Sususmila


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