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Kenyan artist cries foul after his art was edited and presented to Diamond


A Kenyan artist is crying foul after a certain broker presented Diamond his art without his signature.

Patrick Mwangi was the artist behind the Mama Dangote portrait that was presented to Diamond on the 16th of March 2018.

Mwangi, who is popularly reffered to as Mwas The Kid says he was commissioned by a broker he has worked with before and asked to draw the portrait of Diamond’s mother. He was however not aware who the real client was and did not know who had reached out to the broker too.

He narrates how he did the painting then marked it with his signature before releasing it to the said broker. He was shocked the next day when he saw Diamond and his mother sharing an altered version of the image online.

Mwangi says someone did a bad job trying to cover his signature before presenting the final image to the bongo star and he is not sure at what point exactly that was done.