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Kenyan Artiste doing mjengo after prolonged closure of clubs

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A popular music artiste has now resorted to mjengo work following the extended closure of night clubs and bars in a bid to curb the spread of Covid-19.

Rhumba artiste John K says that he has been doing mjengo work in Mowlem, Embakasi West Constituency for more than three months now after he lacked income and had exhausted his savings.

“We used to depend on clubs to earn a living, the closure of clubs saw us lose our incomes. If the government has opened churches, then clubs should also be opened since most clubs have enough space,” he said.

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“It is tough for us to get a job in Mjengo, because there is a lot of discrimination and favoritism,” he told Ghetto radio news.

John K says that some artistes are dying of depression due to lack of income.

“People are telling us to go to Youtube, but Youtube doesn’t pay much like people think. It takes a lot of time before you get those many views that are required on Youtube,” he said.

Apparently, John K is not the only artiste who has resorted to doing odd jobs in a bid to earn a living, comedian Owago Nyiro seems to be earning bi from his food business.