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Kenyan Artistes Call Out MCSK After Receiving Peanuts in Royalties


Kenyan artistes have lashed out at Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK) after the body paid them peanuts for the 2018/19 royalties.

Taking to social media, a series of artistes revealed that they had received Sh2,530 in general distribution.

The matter was first brought to light by Khaligraph Jones who told off MCSK after getting his Ksh 2,530 as payment for his music.

“MCSK Siku Moja Tutakuja Kuwavuruga uko Mbaya Sana, Msijaribu kunitumia hizi peanuts tena, Infact I have given Authorization for my Music to be pirated, Don’t collect money on my Behalf anymore, Nisiskie mmeshika mtu akicheza Wimbo zangu kwa street, msinitumie izo peanuts zenu tena, The OG shall be respected #mrinternational.” wrote Khaligraph

Fellow artiste King Kaka has also narrated how MCSK is lying about what they collected in the last one year.

According to King Kaka, MCSK might have received about Ksh 37Million that is if you multiply the Ksh 2500 by the number of artistes (15000) registered under MCSK.

“Kwanza Kabisa I thought it was just @khaligraph_jones anazusha then I got my fair share. Watu kama @SautiSol watatumia hii doh aje surely?? If my math serves me right 2500 * 15,000 members that’s 37,500,000 , MCSK are you sure you collected 37M in one year. Na nikikuja kwa your offices it’s all new cars na muliingia kwa ofisi mkiwa kwa Boda. This is very sad and siku moja tutakuja “ wrote King Kaka

Singer Fena Gitu also lamented over the cash arguing that if she is to receive same amount of royalties as Khaligraph then she should also be paid the same amount as him for shows.

“Kama royalties ntalipwa same na @khaligraph_jones then pia show mtakuwa mnanilipa rate yake. The OGs shall be respected” she wrote

Artistes flocked social media with funny reactions after receiving the meagre pay.

Veteran singer Gidigidi mocked MCSK saying he will buy himself a ferarri with the money from MCSK.

King Kaka also mocked the body saying he’s going to buy land.

“Music Copyright Society of Kenya – MCSK has just sent me Ksh 2,530 as royalties for my music. It is the second time that I have received such a whooping amounts in my music career spanning 20yrs. Wacha sasa nitafute nyumba kubwa na Ferrari with this Sh2,530 so as to live like akina Rick Ross. Music is well paying in Kenya.” said Gidi