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Kenyan Artists Camp At Central Police Station To Protest Eric Omondi’s Arrest


Kenyan artists led by Musician KRG the Don have matched to the Central Police Station in the aid of comedian Eric Omondi.

The comedian was earlier today arrested after forcefully trying to enter the Parliament buildings in Nairobi.

KRG says that they are defending the comedian because he is fighting for the rights of all the musicians in Kenya.

Tumefika hapa kama wasanii wale wakona roho, tumekuja uku tunataka kufightia Eric Omondi mpaka atoke kwa sababu kenye anafightia ni course ya wasani coz kenye anafightia ni content yetu ikuwe inachezwa Kenya 75% alafu ya hao wasanii wengine yao ikuwe inachezwa 25%. Na hatutatoka hapa mpaka Eric Omondi atoke. Na hii kazi haishi leo mpaka tuone hii kesi imepelekwa court na imekuwa law in Kenya,” says KRG.

He claimed that he has been supporting the comedian and did not make the protest because they had a busy schedule in the morning.

Sijaweza kusaidia Eric Omondi kuadvertise hito protest kwa sababu nilikuwa busy kidogo na leo sijaingia kwa protest kwa sababu management yangu ilikuwa imenipangia kazi ya kufanya. Na nimekuwa nikimsupport online nikisema watu waache kumuattack na kusema anachase clout,” he said.


It is revealed that Starehe MP Jaguar sent his Personal Assistant to go to the aid of comedian Eric Omondi.

The comedian was arrested while attempting to file a petition for Kenyan music to be played more than international music.

According to videos going round, the comedian was resisting arrest but was finally detained and taken to the Central Police Station.

It is not yet clear whether the comedian will be released or will have to spend the night at the police station.