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Kenyan artists have money but don’t show, Tanzanian artists are broke- singer says


A Tanzanian artist based in Kenya has called out bongo stars for living fake lifestyles.

The singer known as Ten Ballz saying Tanzanian artistes get more recognition than their Kenyan counterparts because they are show offs living fake lives.

In an interview with a local Kenyan publication, Ten Ballz said Kenyan artistes are very rich but choose not to publicly display their wealth.

“Tanzanian music is being listened to right now because these artistes are making people believe that they are living large, yet they are struggling. With Kenyan artistes, they have the money but don’t go around showing off like how Tanzanians are doing,” he said

Ten Ballz has been living in Kenya after he was duped by a local producer that he would help grow Ball’s career.

The singer who is currently dominating charts with his song ‘Niko Vyombo’ was forced to live on the streets with nowhere else to go.

He was later taken in by a good Samaritan who spotted him on the streets of Nairobi.