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Kenyan artists team up to sing a tribute song for E-sir


Kenyan musicians led by Nameless have come together to work on a song in honor of legendary musician E-sir.

In a photo going round, the musician is seen together with legendary musicians Nyashinski, Talia Oyando, JuaCali and others.

Seen among the musicians are Trio Mio who is mostly compared to the legendary musician and Ochungulo family.

Months ago, Nameless had hinted on shooting a music video with artists for E-sir and they will feature his brother Habib.

Nameless wife, Wahu revealed that the song would be interesting because it praises the late musician.

“It is an interesting song because it bigs up E-Sir and I like that idea.” Wahu said.


Nelly from the Ochunglo family said that E-sir has inspired him and has been writing the song to honor him.

 “I have written this song for like two years. I needed to do this for a legend that has done it for the music, he inspired me so much, he needs to be taken as the legend he is.” He said.

E-Sir, born Issah Mmari, died on March 16, 2003, in an accident along the Nairobi-Nakuru highway on his way back to Nairobi from a concert in Nakuru.

The release date of the song as not been announced but it seems that we will get to hear the song soon.