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Kenyan Boy Child Defender Amerix Attacked By Feminists From US

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Blogger and men’s rights champion Eric Amunga popularly known as Amerix has come under attack by feminists from the United States.

Amerix’s attack comes as a result of a tweet he posted advising men to stay away from women who use vulgar words.

The tweet which was made on Saturday has since garnered 8,000 replies, over 11,000 retweets and another 11,000 likes.

“Stay away from vulgar women. A feminine, respectful woman values what she speaks or writes… Vulgar women are damaged women who come with emotional baggage. Focus on your life,” read the tweet in part.

The tweet had received some positive reception from his male audience in Kenya not until a section of feminists from the US invaded the reply section.

“Just to be perfectly clear here: men wouldn’t want to hit that pile of ignorance either,” wrote @ArcaneRepeater.

“Women, stay away from this man. He is judgmental and seems to be controlling. He seems to be fearful of strong women who speak their mind. Focus on your life,” tweeted @EnigmaticJones.

“Good advice from a man no woman wants to f***,” wrote @AkilahObviously.

“Vagina is vulgar? I’m a GYN, what am I supposed to call it, the pocketbook?” wrote another user.

Amerix was however defended by his supporters who fought back the feminists and told them to either change or perish.


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