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Kenyan Comedian Killed By Speeding Lorry While Doing The #M7Challenge


m7It all started with Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni sitting on a chair and making an unusual call using a cheap cellphone for close to an hour.

His pictures then went viral and that was the Genesis of the #M7Challenge. Trendy Kenyans from all walks of life including politicians and comedians were not left behind in taking up the challenge.

Cosmas Yatich popularly known as Tich, his post however never made it on the social media. The 23-year-old met his untimely death trying to execute the trending Museveni Challenge.

Tich, who was in the company of his friend, when an overspeeding lorry lost control and hit him and a saloon car leaving the occupants in the two vehicles nursing injuries while Tich died on the spot. His friend escaped death by a whisker but suffered severe head injuries.