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Kenyan comedians thrown into mourning after Veteran comedian takes the final bow


Kenyan comedians have once again been thrown into mourning after veteran comedian Mohamed Tajiri died on Tuesday.

According to a statement from the Chairman of Comedians in Kenya, the comedian died at his home in Mashimoni, Majengo area in Nairobi.

The  veteran actor who died at the age of 85 is famed for his character Mzee Makanyaga in popular sitcom Vitimbi.

He also played roles in KBC/VOK’s Zuberi, Chipukizi, Darubini and Vioja Mahakamani.

“Comedian Mohamed Tajiri popularly known as Mzee Makanyanga has passed away at his Majengo, Pumwani Home.

Mzee Makanyaga who was born1935 at Pangani, Nairobi was a veteran actor and comedian having acted in KBC/VOK programmes such as Zuberi, Chipukizi, Darubini, Vioja Mahakamani and Vitimbi.

Mzee Makanyaga has passed on at 85. As #ComediansKE Society we would like to wish Mzee Makanyanga’s soul eternal rest. We celebrate him and his moments with us during his lifetime. We wish his Family well as they come to terms with Mzee’s demise.”  Read Waudo’s statement

Mzee Makanyaga’s family issued a statement following his demise saying he died as a result of illness related to old age.

The actor will be laid to rest on Wednesday 28th October at the Kariakor Muslim cemetery.

”We have just received news that Mzee has left us. He died today, at afternoon. We are yet to get more details but he passed on due to old age. Mzee will be buried at the Kariokoo cemetery tomorrow at around 1.00 pm because he is a Muslim. We are still following up for more details about other arrangements and I will duly forward to you as soon as I get them,”  one of his former colleagues said