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Kenyan designer Exposes singer for failing to pay for her outfit


Kenyan fashion designer has taken to social media to call out sassy singer Beryl Owano for failing to pay her.

According to the designer, she made an outfit worth ksh 6,000 for Beryl who then did not pay

“I am done, tired of this shit. Two hours of sleep, overnight sewing to ensure you get the items in time than this. @berylowano may you never experience this as you work to build your brand I hope no one treats you this way.” read the designer’s post

The designer through screenshot also revealed that the singer has been giving them excuses and at one point even said that she was admitted in hospital and would pay later.

The singer then stopped answering calls from Achie and later when the designer reached her after posting the story, the singer then vowed that she would not pay because she was exposed online.