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Kenyan Duo Le Band also beat up producer for delayed release

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By Annette Amondi

Reports doing rounds say Kenyan duo Le Band also beat up their producer for delaying the release of their song.

Le Band reportedly beat up the producer MG who kept giving them stories and failed to deliver their song ‘number one’ on time.

The song was reportedly delayed for close to a year yet the duo had already paid for the producer’s services.

Although the incident is not recent, the group only opened up about it after a story broke out about dancehall artiste Redsan descending on his producer Dr. Sappy.

Le Band’s Fidel allegedly ran into MG on the streets after the producer lied that he was in Kisumu. MG later called them to go for studio session but the group could have none of it.

Fidel is reported to have beat up the producer before they did the song elsewhere.


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