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Kenyan gay fashionista says life is in Danger, seeking Asylum



On May 24th the court upheld the ban on gay sex giving a huge blow to the LGBT community in the country.

This was after a case filled in 2016 by three gay rights organizations that sought to have 162 (a) and (c) and section 165 of the penal code declared unconstitutional.

Four days after the court ruling, Transgender stylist and model Letoya Johnstone claims her life is in danger and she will be seeking asylum soon.

According to Letoya, she has faced backlash from her neighbors and cannot interact freely with anyone.

“Just look at this beauty. Look at this humility. Look at this law-abiding citizen. Look at me, look at me now.

Just look at this beauty that is being attacked everywhere in the neighborhood because some people denied me a right to live. Why do you call me mean names? Don’t you see me? Don’t you even think of how i feel?

Keep kicking these doors of mine until you bring them all down.
And when am dead, lay a bed of roses in my grave.” She said

Letoya also aired her grievances saying the pain is too much for her.

“The pain is too much. Who are we not to shine? “anger” ends with the words “why can’t you see me? Everyone else can.” While “apathy” begins with, “so what are you gonna say at my funeral, now that you’ve killed me? I am seeking for asylum as soon as possible” she added