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Kenyan ladies share their experiences in con relationships

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From helping to build his house, buying his car and opening a joint business venture Kenyan lady was still left high and dry

What is the most you have ever done in a relationship thinking that it had a future but was left high and dry?

Kenyan ladies are using the #MeToo to share stories on what they have gone through with some Kenyan men, and how they were conned by men they though they loved.

One lady, we will call her victim number one, talks of a boyfriend she had from Med school. She says the guy started asking her for small loans which he never paid back until one day he asked for a loan to complete building his house.

The lady gave it him, thinking that that was their future house, next came a loan for a car then later the guy suggested they open a joint business, they opened a chemist.

Keep in mind all the cash the guy used to borrow with a promise to return.

“Don’t even get me started on how I wasn’t allowed to sleep over in that house of his! Young and stupid,” she says.

Good thing she still has the money transfer receipts and WhatsApp and other texts for when he was asking for the money.

Our victim number two dated a guy, they moved in together and because she was earning more than the guy, she took care of the bills in the house. When the guy later lost his job, the lady fueled his car and even gave him pocket money. She even helped in paying for her own dowry.

“He in turn took to staying out all night, coming in wee hours of morning when I was getting up to hustle. When I’d ask, where have you been? Answer, with friends. Me: which friends keep you out all night instead of supporting you to find a job? The more I asked about the job applications, no answer. Yes, good girl continued carrying her family’s financial burden and his,” she wrote.

She took solace in her journal where she wrote all her private thoughts and questions.

He kept on disappearing, even when she was sick, he wouldn’t even drive her to hospital. When he got a little bit of money, which unbeknownst to her, his sister had organized a consultancy for him, he buys a car, while girl is still carrying all their financial obligations, drowning in debt. Then one evening he packed. Next morning while she is at work, he texts her, ‘I’ve left.’

“Next she hears, through his cousin cum her girlfriend, who after he left did nothing to console this girl, is that he is having a baby. Kumbe all the while he was out all night, he was with another. All the pocket money this girl gave, all the sacrifices this girl made, all the debt she was left with, he was saving money for his new sweetheart. Did I mention, his mother still calls to ask for pesa ya mbolea? Ah, I was foolish, foolish!” she narrated.

Not all con artist do it financially, others capitalize on one’s intellectual property and ability, as is the case of our third victim.

She dated a guy, who was brilliant but did not have a CV. She wrote him the CV, when he was done with medical school, she found a top residency program and applied for him and he got accepted. She even drafted his Masters thesis so he could focus on his Clinicals.

“Sometime after we started dating, this guy had gotten married because his religion and family required him to ?. So all along I was building somebody’s husband’s career. It was always “babe you know I can’t do this, wewe ndio unaweza”. A fully grown medical doctor. I wasn’t looking to be a second wife, but I also don’t know what I was thinking,” she says.

These are just some of the stories shared through the hashtag #MeToo.

Do you have any experience with these con relationships? If yes, what happened?


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