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Kenyan Lady threatens to kill former P-square Member


A lady claiming to be a Kenyan has takent to social media to issue threats to former P-square member Paul Okoye.

The lady who calls herself Morah had earlier inboxed the singer asking him to fund her United States vacation in August but the singer shamed her on his Instagram account.

The lady has now issued serious threats to the singer’s life claiming he is evil and should be killed.

Rudeboy as he is now known, took to his social media to share screenshots of daring threat messages he received from the Kenyan woman.

“Paul Okoye, u r too late. Snc u didn’t cm thru to gv me wat i want & snc u r also evil, i Morah will kill u, just like i’ll kill other evil ppl. God wants u & other evil ppl dead. U just won’t knw ur death days. Keep ur evil, dirty, bloody money to yourself. Go to hell Paul Okoye.”She wrote

The lady then went on to brag how she intends to reach out to other people who would respond to her pleas.