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Kenyan Leaders Remind Raila The Role Of Majimaji’s ‘Unbwogable’ Song

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Kenyan leaders led by Laikipia Governor Nderitu Muriithi reminded opposition chief Raila Odinga the role of Gidigidi and Majimaji’s song ‘Unbwogable’ for spearheading the popularity of the Narc Coalition that led to the end of former president Moi’s reign in 2002.

Muriithi was speaking during Raila’s visit in Ndakaini where he’s seeking the Agikuyu support in his bid for state house.

 “Right Honourable Raila Odinga i didn’t realise that my neighbour Kanini Kega is also a student of History, but he is and what he said is true that from 63 if you come forward to 2003,2002 in fact Gidigidi Majimaji, Majimaji is Julius Owino as you all know and ni msanii wa hali ya juu sana so vile Kanini Kega said and the other leaders is true that all of us we owe a debt of gratitude to the Prime Minister but also to his family, ” said Muriithi in part of his address.

Speaker after speaker put Raila to task to be keen on the role of musicians play with a close reference to Gidigidi and Majimaji’s ‘Unbwogable’ hit.

When Eugene Wamalwa took to the podium he reminded all and sundry how the ‘Unbwogable Song’ was a symbol of national unity in 2002 and afterwards.

“Kupromote amani katika Taifa letu because you shape the national conversation Gidigidi Majimaji shaped 2002,” stated Eugene Wamalwa.

Former Gatanga MP Peter Kenneth narrated bit by bit how the ‘Unbwogable’ spirit became big in Central Kenya and the whole of Kenya becoming an unofficial anthem.

“Tutajitolea tulikuwa na wewe 2002 nani hawa wanamuziki ambao walisaidia na mimi najua kulikuwa na wimbo moja na nilifikiria labda Susan ataimba pale na ilianza tu mchezo mchezo ‘Unbwogable’ ikakuwa ni wana muziki ikakuwa ‘Who Can Bwogo Me’ eeh sivyo?” quipped Peter Kenneth who’s also fondly reffered to as PK.

He sang a few lines of the classical hit throwing the audience into a frenzy “Orengo Jimmy donge aparoi, Raila Amollo donge aparoi, Anyang Nyong’o donge aparoi,” sang PK.


He emphasized to the former Prime Minister the need of embracing the same momento in his stab at the presidency in 2022.

“Na tukaicheza, tukaicheza Thika, tukaicheza Mount Kenya yote ikaingia ndani sasa mwaka hii Jakom tutaita Kigia,” added Peter Kenneth in part of his statement.

Indeed one cannot fail to mention ‘Unbwogable’ as far as Kenyan politics is concerned.


Written By Steve Osaka.


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