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Kenyan man reeling in pain after slay queen steals his Ksh. 700,000


A Kenyan man is reeling in pain after a slay queen she had flown from Kisumu allegedly stole her Ksh. 700,000 after a one night romp.

Profesa Ochieng Odongo Maxwell claims that the girl she has flown on Jambo Jet’s Business Class only spent one night with him then claimed that her father had been admitted in hospital.

According to Odongo, the girl by the name Cynthia Martha then took an emergency flight back home only to block him on WhatsAPP.

“Cythia Mrtha, I sent you cash for Jambojet, you came spent a night then just from nowhere you crafted a cheap excuse that your dad is admitted at Kisumu Specialist Hospital; and you have to do an emergency flight back,” said Odongo.

Odongo claims that he only realized that the lady had stolen the Ksh. 700,000 he had saved in his bedroom bank.

“Few minutes after you left, I realized you blocked me on WhatsAPP, I became curious and checked my bedroom bank only to realize that you carried ALL THE MONEY i stuffed in my wardrobe drawers!” he stated.

Odongo further threatened the lady telling her that she will return the money.

Odongo’s predicament has been received with mixed reactions with some sympathising with him while some praised the lady for representing them well.