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Kenyan Man Selling His Kidney To Off Bank Loan

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kidney-dialysis-machineNikubaya, A Kenyan man has now put  his kidney on sale to offset a bank loan he had taken up in 2012 from equity bank to lease a tea farm in Gaturi village, South Imenti, Meru county.

Joseph Mwiti Kithinji who is 32 years of age said he had run out of options as he was now unable to repay the loan since the tea harvest was not as rewarding and his efforts to do manual jobs in the tea farms had also not bore fruit.

During the loan application the miser farmer had put down his only dairy cow as security along a few house hold items and after he had defaulted on payment the bank came calling taking his only cow and source of livelihood away. Equity is said to have sold the cow at kshs.54,700 .The Bank has ensured the notices and debt collector’s rob this man off his sleep pushing him to what he termed as his last option; selling off his kidney

In a letter that has since been doing rounds on the net, the middle aged man has attached his passport complete with his personal details. According to him, the loan has now accumulated from kshs.280,000 to kshs.330,000 and his advertisement to sell off his very important organ was an attempt to salvage his debt situation.

In his letter he says that his brother died and he left him to take care of his three children along with his own. Is this where the Kenyan economy has reduced us to? For us to sell our body parts for survival?

Below is the now infamous ‘kidney letter’kidney

Njoki Gachanja


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