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Kenyan Men Slide Into Nyce Wanjeri’s DM after viral sex scandal

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Former Aunty boss actress has exposed a number of Kenyan men who slid into her DM after a viral sex video which she was allegedly in, went viral.

Earlier this week, the actress was forced to issue a statement denying any involvement in the video.

According to Nyce, she has been harassed and bullied ever since the video came out and even after denying any involvement in it.

“These people need to know that cyber bullying is bad, destroys people’s lives and we shall not take any of it. Yaani hadi mnakuja kwa dm over something that has nothing to do with me!, i am doing this because these are people who are deliberately choosing to crush me, sink me further over something i was already trying to clear myself from. When you deliberately choose to hurt someone with your words, you are a lot worse than the person who started this whole saga.” she wrote

The actress also exposed the account that attempted to solicit money from her before releasing the video.

According to the screen shot, an Instagram user behind the handle _.twell_joy._ asked her to send ksh.30,000 failure to which the video would be released.


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