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Kenyan Naughty slang ‘lamba lolo’ makes it to urban dictionary

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By Annette Amondi

Kenyan naughty slang ‘lamba lolo’ that hit the streets sometime this year dominating it as the most spoken words has made it to urban dictionary.

It seems many who could not make out the meaning of the phrase sought answers online triggering a translation by Urban dictionary.

“The Word Come from a Kenyan Slang (sheng) which is popular among the youths it means to “go fuck yourself”/”Fuck off” in explicit Concept and Mind Mind your Business kind, or Get busy with something destructive like Lollypop.
In a layman’s language it means to Leak a lollipop or give blowjobs” reads the definition

Some of the Kenyan online users who have seen the translated meaning however said the examples given in sentence weren’t quite correct.

“That chick Knows how to Lamba Lolo (she know how to give a blow Job)
The Senator Ali-Lamba Lolo (The senator was Fucked)
What will you tell your mates, Let them wa-Lambe lolo ( the friends will mind their business)” Examples in sentences.

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